Safe Room

Safe room is the most unique feature of this program. You can use it in an emergency. It is like a panic button. When you click on this button it takes you through 3 steps...

The eGuru starts with a few coping statements. These coping statements will help you to put the situation in its right perspective.

You are then asked to breathe with the eGuru. This helps reduce the panic.

Finally, the eGuru analyzes the event. It will ask you, “what happened?, what were you thinking?, what did you feel?, what physical sensations did you experience?, and what did you do in response to your thoughts, emotions or physical sensations?”.

Next the eGuru draws the circle of thought for you. This will help you to see how your emotions, thoughts, physical sensations and behaviours are linked.

The eGuru asks you to write the evidence for and against the thought that troubled you.

The eGuru then asks you to write down an “alternative or balanced thought”. This thought is saved in your “healthy thoughts” so you can go back and reflect on your healthy thoughts in future.