eGuru is a therapy program, and we recommend that you go through this tutorial to gain maximum benefit from it. This is a complete solution to your emotional health problems and offers solutions to a variety of challenges.

The first screen gives you a chance to select a problem you are currently facing. Grey text means the problem category or module is unlocked. It gives you access to a variety of functions.

The ‘Safe Room” is a unique feature of this app. You can click on it in an emergency. It is like your emergency therapist

By clicking at the right upper corner on 3 dots you can access your account details. You will also get access to the Guru menu.

Guru: Here you can choose a Guru of your choice.

The left-hand menu with three horizontal bars will take you to the following functions; Set Reminders: You can set reminders once you have completed a module Your Healthy Thoughts: Here you will find your alternative or balanced thoughts Your Progress: This will show how things are getting better. This shows change in both numerical and in graphical forms. Breathing Settings: Here you can set up breathing. The default is 3 seconds inhalation, 3 seconds exhalation and 2 Seconds pause. However, you can always change it.